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Quality backlinks are always important for your website. These help your site to grow faster and rank better. When the backlinks are from Government or education sites, the value of your website increases a lot. Backlinks from such sites can help you to get a boost in rank. We can provide you with these links.
Domain Authority: 90+
Faster Indexing
Manually create (no software)
Improves Organic Ranking
Long Term Resource Links
Build Your Brand Authority
Dedicated Client Support
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Sazad Parvez

Founder (dotENGINE)

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❀️ Benefits of Having Our .EDU Links

EDU links are different than regular links. They are more authoritative and more likely to pass PageRank. Because of this, Google will also see/treat/associate you as trustworthy. Our service can help your website to climb the stair toward the top of the search results with less effort.

So, ready to get started?

2 Types of EDU Links We Serve

.EDU Links

.Edu links based on profile backlinks, blog comments, forum backlinks, community backlinks, and other related sources of backlinks.


.EDU Guest Posts

.Edu Guest post based on 500 words of an article, where we post content to an Edu website with your website URL.

Group 1000005807 (2)
Sazad Parvez

Founder (dotENGINE)

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3 Simple Steps to Get .EDU Links, in 5 Just Days


πŸ›’ Place Order

At the very first step, you have to place the order and make the payment. Also, you can ask for customized orders too. For that, knock us directly.


πŸ“… Planning

In this step, our experts start working on creating the links. This takes time. So, you have to wait for a few days to get all the backlinks done.


πŸŽ‰ Results

After creating all the links, we prepare a report containing all the links and send it to you. You can check those manually.

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Service Plans #1

50 EDU/GOV Mix

$ 59

/ onetime
⭐ Perfect for Startup

🚚 Delivery within 7 Days

150 EDU/GOV Mix


/ onetime
πŸ”₯ Perfect for Business

🚚 Delivery within 15 Days

100 EDU/GOV Mix


/ onetime
⭐ Perfect for Startup

🚚 Delivery within 12 Days

Payments That We Accept!
No Way You Can Lose, πŸ”’100% Money-Back Guarantee

Want to promote multiple websites? Contact us about bulk pricing.

Service Plans #2 (Mix Package)


$ 59

/ onetime
⭐ Perfect for Startup

🚚 Delivery within 5 Days



/ onetime

πŸ”₯ Perfect for Small Business

🚚 Delivery within 7 Days



/ onetime

⭐ Perfect for Business

🚚 Delivery within 10 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Improved Authority :Β Gov and Edu backlinks offer huge page authority and domain authority to your site.
  • Balanced Backlink Profile :Β To keep your backlink profile balanced and loved by search engines, you should have Edu and Gov backlinks on your site.
  • Increased Traffic :Β Gov and Edu sites send quality traffic to your site. Traffic from such websites is interested in your topic and willing to spend time on your website.
  • Increased Value :Β Links from Gov and Edu websites add value to your website that makes your site trusted by people.

This is the main question of people who are looking for a service to purchase. You may have the question in mind too. We know that, and this is so normal. That’s why we’ve prepared an answer to this question for you. Know the reasons behind choosing us.

  • Client Support : Our support team is there to help you. You can reach our team anytime if you find any issue with our service. If any link gets disabled or any other issue is found, knock our support team for support as soon as possible.
  • Delivery Time: We make sure that you get fast delivery. Typically we get it done as fast as possible. But this many backlinks at a time, that too from similar types of websites, might create doubt. That’s why we maintain a moderate delivery time.
We typically create 100 backlinks in 10-15 days. But we can do it faster and deliver you sooner if you want. It depends on the availability of our team members. Also, to get it done faster, you may have to spend a few more bucks.
If any link is discontinued by the website, we provide a replacement for that. Our replacement guarantee period is three months.
We only provide cashback if we can’t do as promised. We don’t offer any cashback after ensuring the links.
It depends on how many links you want. To know more about it, let’s talk. Knock us.
Our discount offers are shown on the package page and home page. So, check those.

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